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By coordinating the development of the storytelling along with our highly sophisticated ride systems, attractions become more impactful


Our Parts and Services team is deployed inside theme parks around the world, providing rehabs, repairs, audits, tests, and on-site consultations.

The design, engineering and fabrication were proven to be impeccable.

Walt Disney Imagineering

When you build world-class attractions, you need world-class vendors like Dynamic.

Universal Studios

The top quality rides come from Dynamic Attractions. Guests are amazed and want to ride again and again

Wings Over Washington

Dynamic Attractions never stopped advancing the technology. Dynamic Attractions is simply the best



Iconic & Innovative

Show elements, media and special effects aren’t afterthoughts; they are part of the planning process at Dynamic. The creation of the ride and story are planned in unison. This maximizes the impact of every component, making an unmatchable guest experience. We turn ‘rides’ into ‘attractions.’ Discover more about Unlimited Attractions.

"We make iconic attractions that make guests come to parks." ~ Guy Nelson, CEO.

All-Terrain Dark Ride wins Brass Ring
Industry’s first ‘fully untethered’ vehicle uses high-tech military technology ORLANDO, FL – November 14, 2017 – The Dynamic All-Terrain Dark
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Dynamic unveils Flightcycle: ‘motorcycle with wings’
Originators of the Dynamic Flying Theater innovate a new system ORLANDO, FL – November 14, 2017 – This morning Dynamic
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Dynamic opens new facility
by Adrian Lennox, InterPark Canadian theme park and leisure equipment specialist Dynamic Attractions is planning to open a new assembly
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Supercar executive joins Dynamic
by Orlando Theme Park News Guy Nelson, CEO of Dynamic Attractions (a company behind some of Disney and Universal’s most
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Exporting rides redefined Empire
Guy Nelson clearly remembers his birthday in 2007 – it was day the Empire Industries (EI) founder and CEO purchased Dynamic Structures and backed
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Motion Theater: Guests physically follow the action
Dynamic Attractions is unveiling its Dynamic Motion Theater at this week’s Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore. Over five years in
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